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The Conscience of the Puppet

I often start my day by opening Wikipedia and reading the “On this Day” section of the front page. Today it noted that on this date in 1940, the Walt Disney movie “Pinocchio“, the first animated film to win a competitive Academy Award, was released to theaters. I clicked through to read a bit more about the movie, as I had not seen it in a long time. Because of Gepetto’s wish, the Blue Fairy makes Pinocchio come alive, though he is told that in order to become a real boy he had to learn right from wrong by listening to his conscience. Since he was not sure what a conscience was, Jiminy Cricket was appointed to be his conscience. And so the movie goes.

How funny. Many theists argue that morals must come from a god or a book such as the Christian Bible.  Some argue that while each of us has a sense of right and wrong, that conscience must be written into us by a creator.  In the case of Pinocchio, he learns his sense of right and wrong from an animate, non-ethereal being.  A cricket to be precise.

So congratulations to Disney, celebrating over 70 years of confounding the morality stories of conservative theists. Have One Million Moms heard of this?