A Small Rant

There was news from Oklahoma this week.  A judge rules the state law banning same sex marriage was not constitutional.  And of course the howling began.  You see, Oklahomans voted to outlaw same sex marriage, and now a judge has contravened the will of the people!

OK – here is the point: people, you don’t get to vote to take away other people’s rights.  You can’t vote to re-establish slavery, for instance. One may question whether or not marrying a person of the same sex should be a right.  Well here is my take: the government allows two people to enter into marriage, a contract which convenes certain legal rights to the two people in question.  I guess I just don’t see why the government should bother to look at the two peoples’ naughty bits before agreeing to proceed.  Should the government confirm the two people are of legal age?  Yes, of course.  What about whether one or both of the parties is already married? Well, yeah.  But do they need to check that one has a penis and the other a vagina?  No, I don’t think so.

And this will not lead to people marrying animals.  Can an animal get married today? No.  Can an animal consent to marriage? No. Well what about three people getting married?  Note: the government does not allow that today, so allowing two people of the same sex to marry does not change that.  Want to marry a child? Sorry, there are age of consent laws and if your partner isn’t old enough tough luck.

I just wish people could put their bibles down, relax, and just wish the newly married couples the best.

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