What’s on Tap?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt has been awhile since we talked about the business end of the brewery.  The far left beer is Gerst Monath (barley-month)- who knew that was Anglo-Saxon for the month of September? I ran across that definition just the other day and it brought me back to the many visits I made to Evansville, Indiana in the 1990s.  The Evansville Brewing Company has a Gerst Amber Lager that I enjoyed. That brewery was closed in 1997 and I think Iron City ended up with it.  At the time I had no idea Gerst=barley.

My Gerst Monath is a nice little porter – mostly Marris Otter but also some brown malt, kiln coffee and crystal 160. With an OG of 13.0 ºP and an FG of 3.8 ºP it is a sessionable beer with nice sweetness and a touch of roast.

The middle beer is easy, it is the saison I made for the craft beer tasting.  It is a bit of a coriander bomb, but at 7% ABV it will make you smile.

The far right is my Pennant ESB.  Unfortunately for the Buccos there will be no pennant (but it was a great year for baseball in Pittsburgh).  Pennant is slightly stronger that the porter with an OG of 14.1 ºP.  It is 94% Golden Promise malt, with the remainder being equal parts flaked wheat and pale chocolate.   However, fermented with the Wyeast 1469 West Yorkshire yeast you would never know it has no crystal malt.

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