It has been eight weeks of inaction in the brewery.  Several events conspired to gum up the works.  The first thing was bathroom remodeling.  It has been a pleasure to lose two old and outdated baths (one in 1960’s era pink tile).  The down side was my garage was overrun with cabinets and toilets and contractor equipment.  Our contractor is a great guy and an aspiring connoisseur of craft beer.  I turned him on to some of my craft beer (Genesee Ted to the rescue) plus I gave him some Penn Brewery St. Nicholas Bock, as he had mentioned how much he liked a local brew pub’s Munich Dunkel.  All beers were a hit with him.  Nice to see.

The second event that closed the brewery was our annual spring holiday vacation, this time taking us to see family in Arkansas.  It was nice to get away, although the weather in Arkansas started cold and miserable (much like the rest of the country in late March).  Besides family we visited the William Jefferson Clinton presidential museum in Little Rock.  I had forgotten how much Clinton did for this country.  Jobs were created and the economy grew.  A 260 billion dollar budget deficit ended up as a budget surplus.  Then we turned it all over to the Tweedle Dee from Texas and the country has not recovered yet.

One big plus was the chance to pick up a few beers that I don’t normally see locally.  Two bottled of La Folie, check.  Uerige Sticke and Doppelsticke.  Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere.  Barrel aged Old Rasputin and Ommegang Art of Darkness.  And a couple of others.  I guess not brewing has its advantages.

Last weekend was the best, though.  I traveled to New York City for the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS).  Hard to believe this was the first time I set foot on Manhattan.  But I am going back.  It is a crazy, fun place. The conference itself focused on topics relating to many aspects of science and skepticism, from atheism to scientific skepticism, from brain function to the big bang.  I used Megabus to get to New York ($90 round trip).  It worked well, although their Wi-fi is about useless.  It dropped me off right in midtown Manhattan, right where NECSS was held.  Coming back I took a “red-eye”, leaving NYC at 10:45 pm and arriving back around 6:30 am. That return was probably a mistake.  Staying up most the night was easy when I was in college…

But it is time to think about brewing again, stay tuned.

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