So, What’s on Tap?


Winter has rolled into Western Pennsylvania and the beer taps have rolled a bit too.  On the right we have the Decoration Ale, brewed back in December.  It is a simple English Bitter, but I am a bit puzzled as the hop flavor is very grassy.  I used a combination of East Kent and Styrian Goldings, and I do not recall ever such a flavor.  I did add calcium sulfate to the mash, and by my calculations the sulfate content greatly exceeds the chloride content, which is supposed to lend the beer a more bitter character.  I don’t know, but the beer is drinkable just not as enjoyable as a bitter should be.

In the middle we have the Solstice Stout, brewed on the shortest day of 2012.  It is you basic dry stout, with a malt bill of 70% Maris Otter, 20% flaked barley, and 10% roasted barley.  Enjoying a nice stout is always a pleasure.

And last we have Maggie’s Ale, brewed on the day my mom passed away in 2012.  She was a great woman.  This beer was designed to be a Foreign Extra Stout.  The original gravity came out a little low, but the flavor of the beer seems to fit the style.  It turned out around 6% ABV, which is low for the style.  I will definitely brew this again but aim to get closer to 8% ABV.  Then we will have a thing of beauty.

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