So, What’s on Tap?


Life moves on and the taps they are a changing.  The beer on the right, Ryder’s Cup Ale, was brewed with friends Ray and Jim on a Saturday in late September.  Jim brought over a boat load of home grown Cascade hops, so we did a quasi Dogfish Head 60 Minute beer.  We added 35 grams of hops every six minutes during the boil.  Of course we did not know the percent of alpha acids in the hops, but when adding hops like this it is not really that important.  It is pretty bitter, but tons of citrusy hop flavor.   The ABV is 7.4%, so it is hard not to like it.  Especially after one has enjoyed a couple.

The beer on the left is a simple Belgian Blond.  Mostly pilsener malt with a touch of aromatic. Wyeast 1214 yeast.  Over 8% ABV.  The flavor has, to my perception, a slight licorice flavor.  Interesting.  OK by me.  The beer is named after Leffe Blond, except I call it Leffe Behind.  If you drink too many, it seem like it is the apocalypse.

In the middle we have a Weizen-Bock.  This is my fifth weizen bock.  The first two were very nice.  I have not been particularly impressed with the last two I have made.  This one is too phenolic,  and not really as rich and malty as I think it should be.  My local home brew shop changed the type of  Special B they carried a year or so ago.  The one they stock today is about 118 °L, the old one was closer to 150 °L, and I think it was much richer and robust.  I may have to order some from an online source.  This is drinkable, but I think it can be better.

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