So Was Red…

“The Shawshank Redemption” is one of my all time favorite movies.  Who can resist a story where the bad guys get what is coming to them, and the good guys overcome adversity and achieve personal peace?  The movie is full of memorable scenes, but today I am thinking of the scene in which the character Red looks up at the carving made by his old friend Brooks and says “Get busy living or get busy dying, that’s goddamn right”.  You’ve  probably seen the movie and you know what Red carves on the wall…

An inspiration for my second sour beer, this time a try at a Flanders Red Ale.  This style of beer, represented by classic styles such as la Folie and Rodenbach Gran Cru, can be wonderfully complex.  However achieving that quality of beer often entails long fermentation in casks and blending of two or more different bathes.  Much more complex than anything I want to try, at least for my second sour.  No, my attempt  will be much more simple: make a suitable wort and dump in on the dregs of my Berliner Weisse yeast.

So here is the recipe and some fermentation details:

Grains Amount Percent
Weyerman Pilsener Malt 1.56 kg 43%
Weyerman Vienne Malt 1.56 kg 43%
Weyerman Special B 0.14 kg 4%
CaraMunich 0.14 kg 4%
Flaked Wheat 0.10 kg 3%
Chocolate Malt 0.10 kg 3%
Hops Amount Boil Time IBUs
Fuggles (whole) 35 g 70 min 18
Original Gravity 13.7º P (1.056)
Final Gravity 2.1º P (1.008)
Apparent Attenuation 86%
Estimated ABV 6.4%

The color on this works out to about 18 SRM, a little dark, but hey this is mostly for fun and adventure anyway.  I was impressed with how well the Berliner Weisse yeast attenuated.  Now the waiting begins…

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