Money Improves Science!

I noticed that a fairly well known golfer and former Ryder Cup captain has taken to endorse a brand of golf shirts with ‘negative ion technology’.  This is advertised to suggest it will increase your golf power.  It is funny to me because this same golfer has been a denier of the science of global warming.  On one hand, evidence backed up with data is ignored, on the other, a dubious scientific claim is endorsed.  What is the difference ?  Money, I suspect.

By the way, looking at the golf short web site they claim a study of 12 rugby players have shown the effectiveness of the technology.  Of course there is no link to any study or data.  The website also shows a surface resistivity meter demonstrating a voltage on their shirt.  So it holds static electricity better?  And that is supposed to lengthen your drives?  Oh well, maybe it is a nice golf shirt, but I would never send those people a nickel.

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