The Witness

It was Saturday morning. I was working in the garage/brewery (the chest freezer fermentation chamber was pretty nasty). I had been out to gas up the Loving Wife’s car, and as I drove through the neighborhood I noted some young men and women, with children in tow, gong door to door. The women and young girls were wearing dresses; the men ties. I suspected a religious connotation.

The Loving Wife was preparing to go to her office to process some orders when two young men and one young child walked up the driveway. I perceived both to be younger than me, the Younger One maybe in his early twenties, the Older maybe thirty or thirty five years old. “Will you handle this?” she asked. Sure, not a problem.

They walked up and the Younger One asked me if I thought, based on the recent shootings in Aurora, Colorado, that violent crime was increasing. I answered, quite honestly, that I was not sure. Certainly shootings and the like are more publicized than ever, but statistics suggest violent crime rates are going down. The younger witness was a little put off, but he gave a quick “OK” and opened his bible. I spied several copies of ‘Awake’ in his hand. I wasn’t sure at that moment, but later I confirmed these were Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Younger read a couple of verses from Revelation, and it was my opportunity to ask why I should believe anything that is written in the bible. I explained that I require evidence before accepting a belief. The Younger seemed a little confused; I am sure most people send them on their way long before now. The Elder interrupted.

He began to tout the scientific basis of the bible. You know, Isaiah referenced the circle of the earth, and this must mean that God had told him about the nature of the world.

“Are circles flat?” I asked.

Both seemed a little off their game.

The Elder offered to return with a pamphlet that had all the details of why the bible was the word of God, and he asked if he could return to discuss it.

I accepted his offer. Will he return? I will be disappointed if he does not.

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