Update: Jeffersonian Ale

I ended up bottling the Jeffersonian Ale in 500 ml and 750 ml bottles. I used a bottling method that I have used with variable results in the past. First I calculated how much sugar I would need for the entire batch, then mixed it with the same weight in water to make a 50°P solution. Using some fancy math (not really, but if you are interested let me know) I figures our that each 500 ml bottle needed 5.6 ml of solution and each 750 ml bottle needed 8.4 ml. I used a drug store syringe to meter the liquid and I am happy to report the carbonation level turned out to be just right for a light, lawnmower beer,that is to say it was on the medium high.

So how does it taste? Well for a 2.4% ABV beer made from 90% wheat it is quite tasty. The 10% corn adds a nice grainy sweetness, and the beer itself is light on the tongue but very refreshing. Don’t get me wrong this beer won’t knock your taste buds for a loop, but the flavors are compelling especially given the extremely low level of alcohol. Would I make it again? Well, let’s just note that I order some Berliner Weisse yeast yesterday so low alcohol beer experiments are far from over.

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