Down the Tube

Ok, I have finally had it and I am ditching the tube.  Well, not the tube itself the yeast that comes in a tube.

For the second time in recent history I purchased a tube of a lager yeast, pitched it into a large (like 6 liter large) starter only to see…nothing.  Three days after pitching there are a few languid bubbles on the surface of the wort and no airlock activity.

The problem with the tube is you just don’t know what you are pitching.  Live or dead?  The tube could have spent a week in a 120 degree warehouse and you would not know until it was pitched and failed.  When you use a smack pack you can tell if you have live yeast – if it doesn’t swell then the yeast is dead.  No way to tell with a tube, until it is too late. It is a shame because  have found the people at the tube company helpful in the past.  But unfortunately I cannot recommend their product anymore.

Added 17-May-2012:

OK, so the yeast finally began to ferment, but it was at least 72 hours after pitching.  As of today the kreusen has dropped, I let the ferment temp rise a bit but I have not checked the final gravity.  So it wasn’t dead, but it was piss poor performance.

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