Go Figure – No Grain, No Gain

I want you to know that we are working our way toward a cohesive theory of how to calculate and execute a recipe to hit the target volumes and gravities.  This post should be a quickie, but it is still an important step on the path.

We discussed grain and extract potential, the old FGDB (fine grind dry basis) value which tells you how much sugar you can expect to extract from your grain.  As we have mentioned, it should be a top end number, the best you can get.  You can find the FGDB yield in a variety of places.  For instance ProMash brewing software lists it for a variety of grains.  You can also look up a particular malting companies web site to see if they offer the information.  The sidebar links on this blog will send you to some of the relevant sites.

The point of this post is to make it clear how to calculate the overall expected efficiency you should get from your particular grain bill.  It is simple, for each grain multiply its expected yield by its percent weight in the recipe.  Add these up.  The total is the expected overall grain bill efficiency.  Here is an example:

Example Calculation - Overall Grain Bill Efficiency



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