Super Bowl Surprise

A brewer and friend rang the doorbell last Sunday morning and dropped off a pleasant surprise:


I am totally unfamiliar with the brewer (Veldensteiner?) as well as the name on the second bottle: “Landbier”.  I did a little googling and came up with this definition:

Literally “country beer,” Landbier is a general term denoting a simple everyday session or quaffing brew. As an easy-drinking beer, it is usually not too hoppy. Its other characteristics, however, are fairly undefined. A Landbier is usually golden-yellow, but it may also be dark; it may be filtered like a Pils or unfiltered like a Kellerbier, and its alcohol by volume level may range between 4.8% and 5.3%. For many breweries, the term Landbier has more to do with branding a particular line of beer than with brewing a beer according to a style definition. Landbiers are made throughout Germany.

BeerAdvocate listed it as a dunkel, which is a fair assessment.  It was dark, with chocolate and slight roasty notes.  Very clean, very pleasant.   Between the beers and the Patriots losing, it was a great night.

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