BBR Trub Experiment – Batch #2

For some unknown reason I have decided to go whole hog on this BBR experiment thing.  I am not sure why.  Maybe it is because I have a relatively full backlog of brewed beers, and I have the time to spare.  Plus I love to experiment with my “small batch” brewing technique.  So let’s see how this day went.

9:40 AM

I walk into the garage with nothing but a recipe.  I begin by hooking up my Sansa Clip and setting it to play “The Naked Scientists”, a really good British podcast that covers both cutting edge science topics as well as kitchen science. The first order of business is getting the mash water started.  Normally I would measure the exact quantity into my mash tun, ut today I just put 5 liters or so into a plastic bucket and added the heatstick.

9:51 AM

The next order of business is weighing and crushing the grain. Luckily this is a simple recipe:

  • 76% US Two Row
  • 10% Crystal 10
  • 14% Red Wheat Malt

And it is only about a kilogram of malt.

9:58 AM

Grain is crushed and minerals (calcium sulfate and calcium chloride) are added. Shortly thereafter the water is hot, and like the anal retentive engineer I am I spend some extra time weighing it out (4.2 kg) exactly.

10:23 AM

Mashing in is complete at 66º C.

10:36 AM

Pulled a wort sample and measured the pH at 5.2.  That is a little low, but Pittsburgh water is very low in carbonates.  I will keep monitoring and adjusting mineral additions in future batches. I slice up some andouille and red pepper for jambalaya I will be making later in the day.

11:25 AM

Mash out begins, but I am in the mood to weigh everything. So it takes awhile.  Plus I am taking one liter of the wort to use as a yeast starter medium, so I double check my calculations to be sure I am making the beer I think I am.

12:15 PM

The wort is on.  I set the flame very low and retire to have some lunch.

12:50 PM

Lunch is done and the boil is started.  Everything if fine except I forget to add the 5 minute addition of hops.  Oh well, flame out hops are OK, no?

1:50 PM

Boils is done and the wort kettle is sitting in a large pot of water to cool.  Four hours and ten minutes have elapsed, and in that time I have made this batch of beer and started supper. Not too bad.

5:45 PM

After bottling the first round of the BBR Trub Experiment and watching some of the AFC Championship Game (you can take the football team out of Cleveland but you can’t take the Cleveland out of the football team…) I returned to the garage t finish the task.  I quickly sanitized two gallon jugs and a funnel, and proceeded to carefully pour about 2.7 kilograms of wort into each.  As with the last experiment, the trub filled wort showed a  different color:

The final gravity was 10.0 ºP (1.040 ). I added 30 seconds of oxygen to each jug, and as before, the kreusen of the trub laden wort fell much sooner than the control.  Into the fermenter at 20 ºC (68 ºF).

6:30 PM

All done.

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