Need a pH meter?

It took me a long time to decide that I needed a pH meter.  Unlike thermometers and hydrometers, they are finicky devices.  They require periodic calibration and eventually the probe will fail and need to be replaced.  And they are not inexpensive. Cheap ones start under $30, but features such as temperature correction and multi point calibration can easily send the price up to $100 or more.  And you probably don’t need one.  You certainly don’t need one unless you do all grain brewing, and even then wort wants to become beer.  Mashes generally convert even of the pH is not optimal.

But I wanted one.

I order a Milwaukee pH 55 meter.  It cost about $70, has a resolution 0f 0.1 units, and offers automatic temperature correction and automatic 2 point calibration.  While the unit has worked reliably, I was having a problem with calibration.  The automatic calibration was failing to work.  So I emailed customer service at Milwaukee Instruments.

They were prompt and helpful.  Bryan replied to my email the same day, and his recommendations corrected my problem first try.  So, you may not need a pH meter, but you might want a pH meter, and if you do all I can say is that based on my experience I can recommend Milwaukee to you.


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